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Hawaii Five-O [Import, From US] / Ventures (CD - 2011)
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The Ventures
1. Hawaii Five-O
2. Black Sand Beach
3. Surf Rider
4. The Cruel Sea
5. Torquay
6. Two on the Beach
7. Pipeline
8. The Big Island
9. Flower of the Sun
10. Driving Guitars
11. Mahalo
12. Follow Your Heart
13. Diamond Head
14. Blue Dawn
15. Crouching Li
16. Truth
Ventures/Hawaii Five-o (Digi)-HMV

Audio CD (March 8, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1

Album Details
The album has been remastered in high definition 24-bit and includes the following seven bonus tracks 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly', 'Mission Impossible', 'Torquay', 'Love Is Blue', 'Classical Gas', 'Raunchy' & 'Radio Spot For 'Hawaii-Five-O'. Digipak. PID. 2005.

Product Description
In 1959, Bob Bogle and Don Wilson formed the instrumental rock group, The Ventures. The duo was joined the following year by Nokie Edwards to record 'Walk, Don't Run'. The song hit Billboard's Singles Chart on July 18, 1960 and peaked at #2. The band was prolific during the 60s with touring and recording albums.
Since that spectacular beginning, The Ventures, later joined by Mel Taylor, Gerry McGee, Leon Taylor and Bob Spalding, have gone on to help define an often overlooked branch of rock and roll music Instrumental Rock. The band is credited by many guitar legends as being an influence on them. Their style and music is certainly unique.
More than 50 years later with record sales approaching 100 million units with 14 songs that hit the Singles Charts with 37 LPs that hit the Album Charts with a lineup that remains solid The Ventures style and sound is as pure and powerful as ever.
The Ventures are considered by many to be the greatest 'surf band'. While it is true that The Ventures style and music helped define that musical genre as much as anyone, 'surf' is just a subset of what The Ventures are: The Best Selling Instrumental Rock Band in Music History.
The Ventures remain active, recording and touring to the delight of fans around the world. 2008 was a good year The Ventures were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10th. The band's 50th Anniversary was celebrated in 2009, and 'The Extended 50th Anniversary Tour' continues into 2011.

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