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1. He`eia
2. Pane Mai
3. Ka Manu
4. Kaula `Ili
5. Ka Nani o Ka`ena
6. Yesterday
7. Hawaiian Eyes
8. La Kahakai
9. Tewe Tewe
10. Mehameha
11. Nani
12. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Mailani / Aina - HMV楽天
Audio CD (March 29, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: The Mountain Apple Company

Album Details
On the heels of Mailani's self-titled debut solo album, which garnered her the prestigious 'Female Vocalist of the Year' Award, comes her brand new CD entitled `A-ina. (English translation: Earth, land) With her feet well planted in the '`a - ina', this brave artist continues to challenge herself with each project. Mailani is originally from the very successful, award-winning group, Keahiwai, and the rocking trio, Mighty J. Her first CD proved that she had the ability to succeed as a solo artist. Her sophomore album `ina gives us much more. `A - ina includes some of the expected contemporary swagger which her fans and radio will love, but there is also something really surprising here that takes Mailani to a whole new level as an artist. Her delivery of some traditional Hawaiian pieces will impress and delight anyone who loves Hawaiian music. Here is a modern Hawaiian woman who knows how to entertain and have fun and here too is a Hawaiian woman with the depth and respect for the generations that came before her. `A - ina is both gorgeous and entertaining.

Mailani (Dig) [Import, From US] / Mailani (CD - 2009)
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