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Augie Tulba
2.Miss Universe
3.Crank Call
4.Choke Filipinos
5.Waha #1
6.T.V. Can Be Deceiving
7.Keone In Da Box
8.Let's Go Rippin'
9.Jenny Jardine Show
10.Mokes R Us
11.Barbie Dolls Pa't 2
12.Da Devil
13.Crank Call #2
14.Hawaiian Stride
15.Da Drive Thru
16.Waha #2
17.Riding Da Bus
18.Wipe Good
19.Waha #3
20.Faatea Sings
21.Crank Call #3
23.'Eh No Get Offended
24.Cherrish the Moments

1999 NA HOKU HANOHANO AWARD/Comedy Album of the Year Intro

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