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Kona Gold (Dig) [Import, From US] / Pepper (CD - 2009)
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1. Bring Me Along (Live)
2. Sitting On The Curb (Live)
3. Office (Live)
4. Davey Jones Locker (Live)
5. Dry Spell (Live)
6. Use Me (Live)
7. Give It Up (Live)
8. Too Much (Live)
9. Freeze (Live)
10. Face Plant (Live)
11. No Control (Live)
12. Stormtrooper (Live)
13. Stone Love (Live)
14. B.O.O.T. (Live)
15. Unreliable (Live)
16. Ho's (Live)
17. Tradewinds (Live)
18. Tongues (Live)
19. Ashes (Live)

Audio CD (April 21, 2009)
Original Release Date: 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Volcom Entertainment
ASIN: B001T46UE6

Album Details
2009 release. Recorded in Boulder, CO in August 2008, Kona Gold is a live performance of Pepper's career pioneering 2002 full-length debut, Kona Town. Driven by the spirit of aloha and the inspiration of the Hawaiian Islands, that album remains the cornerstone of Pepper's catalog. Kona Gold features all the cardinal tracks, including 2005's alternative radio hit, 'Give It Up' and fan faves like 'Stone Love', 'Tradewinds' and 'Stormtrooper'.

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