The 4word Message - Ras Gabriel

The 4word Message / Elements 2x2
The 4word Message -
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Ras Gabriel
1. Truth and Rights (Feat. Djambbi)
2. Vibes for Ever
3. Heartbeat (Feat. Jah Works the Revolutionary)
4. Common Sence
5. Chant for Freedom
6. No G.M.O.
7. Same Thing Goes..
8. Be Not Afraid (Feat. Steven Robinson)
9. Psalm 93/Frontline Rhythm
10. Do As Rastafari Does
11. Warrior Cry
12. The 4word Message
13. With Full Conviction (Feat. Steven Robinson)
14. Way Truth Life (Feat. Shoshana B.)
15. Here We Go Children (Feat. Shoshana B.)
The 4Word Message - Ras Gabriel
Original Release Date: April 15, 2009
Label: Elements 2x2
Copyright: (C) 2009 Elements 2x2
International/Reggae, Miscellaneous/General

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