Stranger Here - Bobby Ingano

Stranger Here [Import, From US] / Bobby Ingano (CD - 2007)
Stranger Here - 試聴
Stranger Here -
Bobby Ingano
1. Medway Bounce
2. Kalihi Waltz (Fiesta)
3. Three Fools
4. Kula Stars
5. What's the Big Idea
6. Just Between Me and You
7. Rhythm of the Rain
8. Missing You
9. I Love You 'Cause You're You
10. Primrose
11. Lanai City
12. When You Fell into My Arms
13. Kalihi Waltz (Sunset)
14. After You've Gone

Steel guitarist Bobby Ingano makes a welcome return with this album, recorded with support from Sean Thibadeaux and Milan Bertosa.

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