A Tribute To Na Lani `Eha Music of the Hawaiian Monarchy - Various Artists

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Various Artists
1.Lili‘u Ë (chant) − Kawaikapuokalani Frank Hewett
2.Queen’s Prayer − Del Beazley
3.Ninipo − Louis "Moon" Kauakahi(Makaha Sons)
4.Ke Ka‘upu − Manu Boyd (Ho`okena)
5.Kaläkaua − Teresa Bright
6.Sanoe − Cyril Pahinui
7.Anapau (chant) − Kawaikapuokalani Frank Hewett
8.Nani Ke Li‘i Ki‘eki‘e − Del Beazley
 Lei Maika ‘i, Lei O Ka Nani
9.Ku‘u Pua I Paoakalani − Teresa Bright
10.‘Äinahau − Manu Boyd (Ho`okena)
11.Moani Ke ‘Ala − Cyril Pahinui
12.Ka ‘Öiwi Nani − Louis "Moon" Kauakahi(Makaha Sons)

Product Description
This recording features multi award winning Hawaiian artists paying tribute, with their individual interpretations, to that period and to its foremost composers, N„ Lani `Eha The Royal Four. Veteran singer-musicians DEL BEAZLEY, MANU BOYD, TERESA BRIGHT, KAWAIKAPUOKALANI HEWETT, LOUIS MOON KAUAKAHI and CYRIL PAHINUI each selected two songs that hold special meaning for them. The Queen was the most prolific composer of the 19th century and her music, along with that of her siblings, survive to this day; often recorded, and sung at backyard gatherings by descendants of the people they once ruled. While the performance styles vary here, each of the contributing artists gives masterful performances as they pay tribute to these beloved composers.
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