In Dreams (Ma Ka Moe Moea) - Nick Castillo

In Dreams [Import, From US] / Nick Castillo (CD - 2008)
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Nick Castillo
2.Kimo Hula
3.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4.`Akaka Falls
5.I Only Have Eyes for You
7.He Oli No Ka He`e Nui O Wanini Ke He`e Nui
9.'Til There Was You
10.Blue Hawai`i
11.Mokihana Lullaby
In Dreams - Ma Ka Moe Moea - Nick Castillo
Nick Castillo/In Dreams, Ma Ka Moe Moea - TOWER
CD (2008/1/15)
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フォーマット: Import, from US
レーベル: Orange Tree

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The Sounds of Hawai'i - Hana Hou / Orange Tree ProductionsAbout the Artist
Born and raised on the island of Kauai, Nick grew up singing with his family of four brothers and sisters. During his school years he continued to sing--and began to dream-- making the All State Honor Choir and nurturing his love for traditional Hawaiian music and choreography. His career developed as he performed on the "Local Vocal" and "Sunrise Hope for Kobe" CD. These experiences led to his performance at the Queen Emmalani Festival, as well as opening spots for Cecilio & Kapono and for The Brothers Cazimero, and Nick, still dreaming, began to write his own songs. Audience response in every venue has been overwhelming; people everywhere are charmed by Nick's melodic voice, perfect delivery and warm, unaffected performance. Composer, vocalist and musician, this 27 year old artist remained true to his vision. In 2004, Nick's dream of recording his own CD came true. He signed with Orange Tree Productions as a recording artist, and the CD "In Dreams" became a reality.

Product Description
In this break-out CD Nick's unique vocal stylings take Hawaiian music in a whole new direction. His beautiful falsetto delivery lends an unforgettable quality to these updated renditions of Hawaiian classics. This mix of pop with traditional also contains the standards "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", "I Only Have Eyes for You", " 'Til There Was You" and "Blue Hawaii". Nick Castillo is a fresh face with a new approach to Hawaiian music.
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