Speaking in Melodies - Michael Ruff

Speaking in Melodies [Import, From US] / Michael Ruff (CD - 1993)
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Michael Ruff
1. What Kind Of World
2. Lover's Mask
3. I Will Find You There
4. The Eyes Of Love
5. Seeing For The Very First Time
6. Any Less Than This
7. That's Not Me
8. Poor Boy
9. Watching Like Angels
10. Beside Myself
11. Wishing Well
12. More Than You'll Ever Know
13. I Will Find You There (Jam)
Speaking In Melodies - Michael Ruff
Album Details
This disc offers the only known recording of the first version of Gila, a group that gigged constantly to build a considerable reputation as a formidable live act. Taken from a live Cologne radio broadcast from February 26, 1972 (a few months before the group's demise), Night Works is all that one could hope for, long space rock acid jamming and much better fidelity than one would get from a recording by an audience member. Garden of Delights. 1999.

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