Hanalei Tradition II - Live at Halawai 'Ohana 'o Hanalei - Doug & Sandy Mcmaster

Heart of Aloha / Aloha Plenty
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Hanalei Tradition II - Live at Halawai 'Ohana 'o Hanalei - Amazon.co.jp MP3 視聴
Doug & Sandy Mcmaster
1. Hula Medley
2. Welcome
3. Pua Sadinia
4. Slack Key Tunings
5. Opihi Moe Moe
6. Story of Pueo
7. Pueo's Mele
8. Slack Key Fingerstyle
9. Radio Hula
10. Slack Key Mission
11. Angels Call
12. Contemporary Slack Key
13. Hula Blues
14. Island of Peace Story
15. Island of Peace
16. Honu Tuning
17. Riding the Rolling Waves
18. Molokai Twilight Story
19. Aumoe Molokai
20. Heart of Aloha
21. Punahele
22. Dragonfly's Message
23. Auntie Pinao
24. Music to Heal
25. Harry's Medley
26. Mahalo Nui Loa
27. Hawaii Aloha
Hanalei Tradition II - Live at Halawai 'Ohana 'o Hanalei - Doug & Sandy McMaster

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Editorial Reviews
As it is playing my eyes and heart are filled with happy and joyful 'McMaster tears'. What a great idea it was to make a CD of your wonderful concerts. Yes, this CD definitely puts me right in a front row seat in the Community Center listening and watching as you play your special and beautiful music and tell the stories I love to hear. --- Customer (Marian & Dale)
My CD Hanalei Tradition II arrived Friday... Bob and I were magically transported back to Kauai reliving a wonderful evening. We will be back on our next trip in 2011! --- Customer (Sally & Bob)
We just received our new CD yesterday, and could not wait to enjoy it last evening. It is all we had hoped it would be! We were returned to Hanalei and the concert that we attended on Feb 21, 2010, which both of us felt was one of the best highlights of our trip. The concert set the tone for the rest of our stay. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for being there, and doing what you do. We do so appreciate you! --- Customer (Gary & Linda)
Product Description
Tunes your world to aloha! Live Hanalei concert recording of the soothing and uplifting Hawaiian slack key guitar in the real old style with brief spirited stories.

The spirit of Doug & Sandy McMaster's concerts brings people back time and again. This CD, recorded live at their concerts, is a celebration of 10+ years sharing the history and the music with wonderful audiences. It brings the experience into your home any time you need a little peace and aloha of Kauai.

On this recording you will experience the beauty of traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar music (ki ho'alu). The music is soft and sweet (nahenahe). Slack key is a style combining altered tunings and a unique fingerstyle technique. Born in the late 1700's when guitars first arrived in the islands, it expresses the essence of Hawaii - warm tradewinds, fragrant tropical flowers, gentle surf, and the true spirit of aloha.

Music to Create and Heal By:
Something unexpected happened when we convinced Doug to record the music and release CDs. Letters, emails, and phone calls started pouring in telling us how people were using the music to create and heal by. Here's a few examples:
* One woman used it with guided imagery to release and recover from a terminal illness.
* A little boy with nightmares, found he could sleep all night when he listened while going to sleep.
* An engineer uses it when trying to solve difficult problems.
* Teachers use the music in classes especially in creative activities.
* Premature babies are soothed by the music helping them to regulate their heartbeat and breathing.
* It's used in hospice work.
* Surgeons listen to maintain a calm and focused intent on their delicate work.
* Patients listen to it in surgery and during recovery.
* One man listened to the music and found it to work better than the pain pills after his back surgery.
* It helps children with developmental challenges such as autism.
* A critic said "it's the perfect antidote for stress" after listening in rush hour traffic.

Sit back, relax, and let the songs and their stories work their magic on your heart and soul.
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