Ozzie Kotani: Ki Ho`alu Vol. 1 - DVD Ozzie Kotani

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Ozzie Kotani
1.Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
2.Kani Ki Ho`alu
5.Kaula Ili
6.Maika`i Ka Makani o Kohala

Ozzie Kotani is one of the great Hawaiian slack key guitarists. He is one of the leading educators in slack key having taught slack key courses at the University of Hawai i and sharing through private lessons and workshops. Ozzie continually explores new ways of teaching and bringing slack key guitar to the public. This DVD is one of the manifestations of this endeavor. --George Winston
Ozzie is a naturally gifted teacher - his instruction is clear, engaging, well-presented and inspiring. Pedagogy of the highest rank! --Stephen Sano, Chair, Department of Music, Stanford University

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