To Honor A Queen: The Music of Lili`uokalani - Ozzie Kotani

To Honor a Queen: Music of Lili'Uokalani [Import, From US] / Ozzie Kotani (CD - 2002)
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To Honor a Queen: Music of Lili'Uokalani -
Ozzie Kotani
1. He Ai No Kalani
2. Pauahi O Kalani
3. Moanalua
4. Ka 'Oiwa Nani
5. Penei No (Keolaolani)
6. Lilikoi
7. Medley: Pauoakalani/Ku'u Pua O Pauoakalani
8. Ahe Lau Makani
9. Ka Hanu O Evalina
10. Puna Paia 'A'ala
11. Ka Wai Apo Lani
12. Aloha 'Oe
13. Queen's Prayer

To Honor A Queen (The Music Of Lili'uokalani)ーTOWER
Ozzie Kotani/To Honor A Queen (E Ho’ohiwahiwa I Kamo’l Wahine) - Music Of Lili’uoka-HMV
Hawaii's Queen Lili'uokalani was a ruler who was also a prodigious composer, penning over 150 songs that attempted to capture the essence of her kingdom during her lifetime. So it's only apt that this album should interpret some of that work instrumentally by master player Ozzie Kotani through the national slack key guitar style. Even without words, the pieces turn out to be rich and full, whether the bell-like tones of "Moanalua" or the beauty of "Aloha 'Oe", a song forever associated with Hawaii and here given an interesting treatment by Kotani, who slows the pace to that of a languid Pacific sunset. Lili'uokalani obviously loved melody and in Kotani she has a sympathetic champion who plays her work with thought and love. George Winston's crystalline production adds wonderful depth and the entire album is a refreshing, even spiritual experience. --Chris Nickson

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This review is from: To Honor a Queen: Music of Lili'Uokalani (Audio CD)
My first encounter with Hawaiian slack guitar, it took me only one tune to have me hooked. The tunes are simple yet flow like a limpid stream from this Hawaiian virtuoso. This is pure, gentle and colourful music. You will enjoy it!

This review is from: To Honor a Queen: Music of Lili'Uokalani (Audio CD)
This is my new favorite album of KihoAlu, Hawaaian Slack Key Guitar. It is simply amazing to listen to. The songs are wonderful, and the arrangements are superbly put together. Ozzie Kotani is a true master. Each time I listen to this album it transports me to a completely different space.

This review is from: To Honor a Queen: Music of Lili'Uokalani (Audio CD)
...I wish I liked it more. Yes, these pieces are lovingly portrayed by Ozzie Kotani--perhaps even a little too lovingly, as there is very little variation in tempo from one piece to another. Don't get me wrong, I love the dreamy quality of slack key guitar, but this set was a little too sleepy for me. Ozzie Kotani's tempo scheme is even more puzzling considering that he starts with a sprightly rendition on the track one, then after that, the pacing starts to make the rest of the album sound a little "samey," some pieces sounding more like classical guitar than slack key (and I like classical guitar, it's just not what I expect to be reminded of when I buy a slack key album).
Giving just a few more of the pieces a little more up-tempo interpretation would have made the disc something I'd want to return to a little more frequently. The collection is capped by a reading of the famous "Aloha Oe" that was so slow I didn't even recognize the main melody the first time around. One can understand the performer wanting to give this ubiquitous tune a little more unconventional interpretation, but he caresses it so much, it comes across a little too languorous, imo. If you have other volumes in Dancing Cat/Windham Hill's slack key series, including the first slack key masters sampler, this doesn't really add much to your collection, esp. considering that some of the more well-known pieces have been recorded by other performers elsewhere in the series. A nice set, for a lullaby CD, but I hope somebody else records these pieces again at some point, and uses a little more varied approach.
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