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Kani Ki Ho'Alu [Import, From US] / Ozzie Kotani (CD - 1995)
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Ozzie Kotani
1. Ku'u Kika Kahiko (My Old Guitar)
2. Aloha Kaua'i
3. Medley: 'Opae 'E/Kaho'olawe
4. Kani Kipaipai
5. Ku'u Lei Poina'ole (My Unforgettable Lei)
6. Birdie's Slack Shake Key
7. Ione's Theme (Joan's Mele)
8. Kani Ki Ho'alu
9. Kamalani O Keaukaha
10. Ki Ho'alu
11. Maika'i Ka Makani O Kohala
12. Medley: 'Ahulili/I Ka Po Me Ke Ao/Mauna Loa
13. Kokoni Sachi Ari (Here Is Happiness)
14. Mahinahina (The Pale Moonlight)

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Solo, using a nylon-string guitar that distinguishes his sound from other slack-key guitarists, Kotani sets up mesmerizing bass drones over which he plays improvisations and bright melodies that seem to echo themselves; his chord progressions are often unique to slack key, and because he never sings, he often phrases the guitar like he would vocal lines. His four-finger picking method has led some to conclude he's classically trained, which he isn't. He can also sound too precious, or New Agey, for some, but his peers consider him to be in a class by himself. --John Morthland

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This review is from: Kani Ki Ho'Alu (Audio CD)
a beautiful, beatiful CD -- i listen to it both at home and in my car and have put Aloha Kaua'i (track 2) on repeat in my car for days at a time --
Ozzie Kotani is the successor to Leonard Kwan --

This review is from: Kani Ki Ho'Alu (Audio CD)
This is a great cd. I love slack key and this is a wonderful .

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