South of the Boudoir - Don Tiki

South of the Boudoir (Dig) [Import, From US] / Don Tiki (CD - 2009)
South of the Boudoir -
South of the Boudoir (Dig) -視聴
Don Tiki
1.Friendly Islands
2.Odd Man Out
3.Turkish Delight
4.The Forbidden Finger
5.Bla Bla Cha Cha
6.Tinfoil Hats
7.In Thailand (Yo Ma-Ma Mix)
8.Chinatown Bar Cha Cha Cha
10.Jungle Julie
11.Billions Of Brazilians
12.Pajama Tops
13.The Palanquin
14.Pagan Lust
15.Rapture Of The Deep
16.In Thailand (Delmar's Deluxe Mix)
South of the Boudoir - Don Tiki
South Of The BoudoirーTOWER
Don Tiki/South Of The Boudoir (Digi)-HMV

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This review is from: South of the Boudoir (Audio CD)
Don Tiki - the keepers of the exotica flame - have released their fourth album, [[ASIN: B002N7SXHU "South of the Boudoir.]]" This new album is their first in five years and features 16 fresh tracks and over 70 minutes of lush, seductive melodies. Drawing inspiration from original exotica masters Marty, Arty and Les (Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter), Don Tiki boldly moves this evocative genre of music into the 21st century.

Don Tiki kicks off the CD with "Friendly Islands," a sweet exotica classic sung originally by the sultry Ethel Azama back in the late 50s when Hawaii became the 50th State. The sweet `n loverly Hai Jung will set your heart afire with her sexy vocals, while Sharene Lum gently plucks your emotions on harp. The track also features Hawaii's most stellar musicians - Noel Okimoto on drums and vibes, Dean Taba on bass, Carlinhos de Oliveira on guiro, caxixi, and rainstick, and Don Tiki's fearless leader, Perry Coma (Kit Ebersbach) on piano and celesta.

The next song, "Odd Man Out," features forbidden sounds played on visually spectacular instruments smuggled in from Burma, Thailand and Viet Nam. The patwaing, the patellar, naal, and Chinese tomtom blend magically with Hawaiian and Brazilian percussion instruments like the `ili`ili, kala`au, ka`eke`eke, cuica, pandeiro, udu and chimta. Lopaka Colon, son of Augie Colon, adds a jungle jazz overlay on bongo and dumbek.

"Turkish Delight" conjures up the perfumed, divan-pillowed chambers of a traditional pashas harem. Next up is "The Forbidden Finger," a jazzolicious romp, lovingly dedicated to the vocalese doodlings of Esquivel, Swingle Singers, and Les Double-Six de Paris. The intrepid Jim Howard contributes an amazingly effortless solo over some twisted chord changes, ones which would easily trip up mere mortal flautists. Delmar De Wilde, Hai Jung, and Starr Kalahiki soar on vocals with Rockford Holmes on alto flutes, Noel Okimoto on bongos and vibes, Dean Taba on bass, and Perry Coma on piano.

The tantalizing "Bla Bla Cha Cha" features Don Tiki's own cover girl, Sherry Shaoling, on bravura vocals, with Rockford Holmes doing his level best to keep up with her on the saxophones. Ms. Sherry "owns" this tune and it has become a Don Tiki live show stopper with quixotic choreography and elaborate costumes. Put on your "Tinfoil Hats" as Ryoko Oka deftly creates a mesmerizing rhythmic pattern on the t`rung, an unearthly Vietnamese glockenspiel constructed exclusively of bamboo tubes and rubber bands.

Come fly away with Don Tiki as they continue on their global musical trek. On the album, you'll encounter "Billions of Brazilians," or find yourself "In Thailand" where the temptations prove to be too much for mere mortals. Jimmy Borges contributes his smooth vocals on the Yo Ma-Ma mix, in sharp contrast to Delmar's Deluxe mix on the final bonus track.

Forget it all in Don Tiki's secret Bedouin bar as you sip your "Pagan Lust" slowly. The next thing you know, you're "Pussyfooting" into a "Chinatown Bar" with Delmar deWilde for more delusions of sensual satisfaction. Evoking the sounds of a paradise lost, this tiki-lounge experience transports you to another world - one filled with the music of a forgotten past but infused with an unmistakable modern lounge vibe. Find yourself...lose yourself...the exotic journey is up to you.

This review is from: South of the Boudoir (Audio CD)
Another amazing neo-exotica album from the long time world champs of lounge acts. Get hip and get this album.

The music is first rate - using extra-exotic instruments from far away lands - and that thats where it all takes you. Say good bye to Kansas and hello to Bang-Cock (with all the rum in cheek meaning implied). The tropical twister of tunes whirles you off to tiki wonder land. A ride that HIP-notizes you to swanky islands in erotic oceans. Leaving the big finish for near last.

The tiger-stripped-Elvis king of swank, Delmar deWild, croons a new Don Tiki hit with "Pagan Lust" at track very lucky 13.

Two Bonus tracks float you back to the mainland in the Wizard of Ahhs hot air baloon, after a flight of red hot and balmy tropical wet dreaming. Whew!

There have been many new neo-exotica bands releasing really great albums recently, but it's the ultimate gift from the Tiki Gods to have a new, much long awaited, DON TIKI album. They are the cream of the top. The Album packaging is beautiful: Shery Shaoling's aluring smouldering gaze on the cover, and Robb Hamels tiki-rific black velvet tiki paintings on the liner notes and back. No kidding - B L A C K V E L V E T T I K I Paintings!
The midnight darkened lounge wrapped in red and blue mood lights, tell you be prepaied to have a mai tai knock you on your butt as DON TIKI does it again - and even better than before.
Buy it. Listen. Love it.

This review is from: South of the Boudoir (Audio CD)
The other side of the world from Ibeza is Hawaii where pomo hipsters aren't overly self important and bring affection to the gig. They had Martin Denny jam with them on their last release and with puns, double entandres and mai tais in hand, they throw the doors open for another round of chill party music that comes to the party feeling like Martin Denny jamming with Thievery Corporation, but he jammed with the Tiki crew so how much more authentic and reliable to you want your contemporary exotica to be? A great party on a platter that brings fantasy Hawaii to whatever snowbound hole you're stuck in. Upbeat, fun stuff that's simply irresistible.
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