Rod Da Fire - Rod Da Fire

Rod Da Fire
1.Hear My Plea
2.Goin' Out of My Head
3.Ching Ching Rod da Fire featuring Pharaoh Papi
4.Don't Build Your Hopes and Dreams
5.Soon Come Children
6.Stumblin' Blocks Rod Da Fire featuring Dezman
7.Ruff Wi Ruff Rod Da Fire featuring Bishop
8.Do You Really Want Me Rod Da Fire featuring Drew
9.Should've Known Rod Da Fire featuring Pharaoh Papi
10.Dub Build Your Hopes and Dreams (Dub Version)

ジャンル: レゲエ, ミュージック, ワールド
リリース: 2003年1月31日
℗ 2003 Dominant Rhythm, Inc.

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