Island Holiday - Nightwing

Island Holiday -
1. Island Holiday (Timmy Pajimola)
2. All I Just Wanted Was You (Timmy Pajimola)
3. Angel In Flight (Timmy Pajimola)
4. In The City (Timmy Pajimola)
5. Lazy Days (Timmy Pajimola - Todd Adamski - Dave Kelly)
6. Gina (Timmy Pajimola - Todd Adamski)
7. Fly Away (Timmy Pajimola - Todd Adamski)
8. Heart In The Isles (Timmy Pajimola - Todd Adamski)
9. Is It Love (Timmy Pajimola)
10. Say You Love Me (Timmy Pajimola)
11. Carousel Of Love (Timmy Pajimola)
12. Part Of Me (Timmy Pajimola)
13. <ボーナストラック>Angel In Flight (Timmy Pajimola)
14. Thoughts Of You (Timmy Pajimola)
Island Holiday-TOWER
Night Wing/Island Holiday-HMV
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