Kauai On My Mind - Bill Campbell

Kauai on My Mind [Import, From US] (CD - 2002)
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Bill Campbell
1. E Ku'u Morning Dew
2. Hula Blues
3. Aloha Kauai
4. Coconut Grove
5. Mele Au Ka Lono Lani
6. Green Eyes
7. Uilani
8. Wheels
9. Ke Ahi Makani O Ku'u Home
10. Ku'u Kumu Hal
11. September Song
12. Malasadas
13. Mauna Loa
14. Maui Medley
15. Holly
16. Puka Shells
17. Nanea Kou Maka
18. Lovely Hula Hands

About the Artist
Bill Campbell is an accomplished musician who plays several instruments, including guitar, piano, piano accordion, and saxophone. He began taking accordion lessons at the age of 8, played the saxophone in high school and U.S. Army bands, and has played the guitar as long as he can remember. He has concentrated on slack key, or ki ho'alu, guitar, exclusively for the past 4 years, ever since he began to spend winters on the island of Kauai, where he developed his fascination for this genre of guitar music. He has performed with groups and as a solo performer in his native state of Virginia and in Hawaii. 'Kauai On My Mind' is his tribute to both the island where he learned to love this music and to his teacher there, slack key guitar master Hal Kinnaman.
Product Description
A collection of slack key guitar, or ki ho'alu, instrumental solos performed by Bill Campbell in the Hawaiian Taro Patch tuning. The CD includes contemporary and traditional Hawaiian slack key tunes, original compositions, and time-honored musical standards, all arranged by Bill for playing in this unique tuning.
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