Three Plus For You 3+4U - Three Plus

Three Plus [Import, From US] / 3 + 4 U (CD - 2005)
Three Plus For You - Listen
Three Plus For You -
Three Plus
1. Undercover Lover
2. Betcha By Golly Wow
3. Do What Lovers Do
4. Id Love to Love You
5. Is This Love
6. Jah Music
7. Steady Feelin Irie
8. Time For Love
9. Roots Woman
For You - Three Plus
Three Plus began surfing the local airwaves over two years ago and are still going strong. With their second release "3+4U", the trio brings you more island hits such as "Undercover Lover" and "Jah Music". Three Plus continues to bring beautiful harmonies and energetic sounds to the table.

Three Plus 関連商品
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