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Slack Key West [Import, From US] / Jim Kimo West (CD - 2008)
Slack Key West -
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Jim "Kimo" West
1.Kohala No
2.Popoke Lolo
3.Lei Aloha
4.My Hawaiian Heart
5.The White Rain
7.Slack For Tappy
8.Na Kuahiwi O Koali
9.Just Say Nohu!
10.The Sands of Polihale
11.Hana Hou Down
12.Beyond the Reef
13.Maria Elena
14.Farewell, Aotearoa

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar: Kimo Style - TOWER

"Slack Key West" is a collection of unique and relaxing ki ho 'alu or "slack key" guitar instrumentals,almost all originals ,which is unusual for this style as most artists rely on existing reptoire. Gentle ryhthms and exotic new tunings make Kimo's music very special. And it's a virtual tour of some of Hawaii's most beautiful places without the expense of an airline ticket!

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