Souvenirs - Wiki Waki Woo

Souvenirs [Import, From US] (CD - 2002)
Souvenirs - 視聴
Souvenirs -
Wiki Waki Woo
1. Honolulu
2. Ukulele Lady/ Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
3. Yellow Bird/ Surfin' Bird
4. I'd Like to See Samoa of Samoa
5. Is it True What They Say About Hawaii?
6. Song of Old Hawaii
7. Pennies from Heaven
8. Lanikai Blues
9. Johnny Brings Leilani Home
10. Moonlight Bay/ Shine On Harvest Moon/
11. They're Wearin' 'em Higher in Hawaii
12. Mermaid Bay
13. On Malakamokalu
14. On Okie Dokie Bay
15. Where Flamingos Go Go
16. Pineapple Princess
17. Becky
18. Paradise Isle
19. Mahina Onaona
20. Humuhumunukunuku Opera'a
21. The Natives are Restless
22. Make a Wish on the Moon
A compilation of original, classic Hawaiian and Hapa-Haole tunes. Many of the songs were written during the days of "Tin Pan Alley" by songwriters who'd never been to Hawaii but give us their idyllic (sometimes twisted and usually NOT-politically correct)) impression of a magical, mythical land full of hula dancers in grass skirts ukuleles, steel guitars, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, soft fragrant breezes and a perennial full & romantic moon. As Shakespeare would say: "It doth Swing. It really doth".
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