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1.Prelude: Symphony of Conch
2.Makee `Ailana
3.Pua Mamane
5.Holoholo Ka`a
6.Kaula `Ili
8.Hola `E Pae
9.Ipo Lei Manu
10.Ua Nani Kaua`i
11.I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
13.Kaua`i Beauty
14.Kila Kila Na Roughrider
15.Mauna Alani
16.Loko Maikai
You will enjoy the music of yesteryear with Lono's style of today. The first track, a symphony of conch, is a ceremonial welcome or invitation to come and listen. Much of the musics' melodies are kept as they were written. Lono's includes his own signature style on Ana Pau La and Holoholo Ka'a. Hola 'e pae, a song recorded by Aunty Genoa Keawe, is introduced as never been done before. I'd Climb the Highest Mountain is an old time favorite that has rekindled the memories of all the kupuna in their youth. Ukulele, Lono's original, features a young man, Kaihoku Lee-Tolentino, Kui Lee's grandson. In Kila Kila Na Rougrider, Lono again shares his version in vocals and ukulele skills on his 8 string Kamaka Ukulele Song list: Prelude: Symphony of Conch Makee Ailana Pua Mamane Wai Ulu Holoholo Ka`a Kaula `Ili `Anapau Hola `E Pae Ipo Lei Manu Ua Nani Kaua`i I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Ukulele Kaua`i Beauty Kila Kila Na Roughrider Mauna Alani Loko Maikai Conch
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