The Very Best of - Justin Young

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Justin the Very Best of
1.Leaving On A Jet Plane
2.My Eyes Adore You
3.Let Me Take Tonight
4.Gonna Meet the Clouds
5.Perfect Peace
6.Soothe You
8.Crazy Love
9.Streets of Waiks
10.The Call
11.Shake Me
12.One Year Together
13.More Than Words
14.Never Forget Where I'm From
15.This Local Boy
16.If You Pick These Flowers
17.Tears Are Falling Down
18.Windward Side
The Very Best Of - Justin
The Very Best Of-TOWER
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Justin Kawika Young, Hawaii's favorite singer and songwriter, has a fan base that reaches well beyond the 50th State. Justin's velvety voice and smooth contemporary sound - a mix of pop, R&B, reggae, and alternative, often with an island spin - has kept his music at the top of Hawaii's island music charts for the last several years. With a reputation for being hip enough for the young and smooth enough for the young-at-heart, Justin's music appeals to music lovers of all ages. His romantic, whispery ballads and lush harmonies are captivating. The Very Best of... is a celebration of a young artist whose international star has only just begun to rise.

All Attached [Import, From US] / Justin Young (CD - 2007)One Foot on Sand [Import, From US] / Justin (CD - 2003)Hawaiian Born 2 [Import, From US] / Hawaiian Born (CD - 2003)クラシック・アイランド・クリスマス / オムニバス (CD - 2002)

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