High Tide - The Surfers

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The Surfers
1. Canadian Sunset
2. Ebb Tide
3. Jungle Drums
4. Beyond The Reef
5. At High Tide
6. Poinciana
7. The Breeze And I
8. Red Sails In The Sunset
9. Perfidia
10. Return To Paradise
11. Moon Of Manakoora
12. Legend Of The Rain

The Surfers At High Tide (Digitally Remastered) - The Surfers

The great Hawaiian vocal group, The Surfers, was formed by brothers Clayton and Al Naluai in 1957. Clayton served as lead vocalist and bass player, Al played guitar and sang tenor - the group was rounded out by percussionist Bernie Ching and multi-instrumentalist Pat Sylva. Al and Clay's younger brother Buddy would later join the group and the harmony singing created by the brothers was simply mesmerizing. Recorded in 1959, "The Surfers At High Tide" when on to become one of the best recorded studio albums of the late 1950's and remains highly prized by audiophiles for its natural sound. It remains one of the best representations of Hawaiian vocal surf music ever recorded. All selections newly remastered.

The Surfers At High Tide (Digitally Remastered) - The Surfers
High Tide - The Surfers

オリジナル盤発売日: 2009/12/8
レーベル: Essential Media Group
著作権: 2009 Essential Media Group LLC
収録時間: 33:50

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