A Man and His Ukulele - Eddie Bush

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Eddie Bush
Track Listings
1. Malaguena
2. Nostro Concerto
3. Holiday for Strings
4. Next Door to Paradise
5. South Pacific Medley
6. Traces
7. Theme from Dr. Zhivago-Somewhere My Love
8. Under The Double Eagle/Stars & Stripes
9. The Hands I Love
10. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee & Swanee
11. Little Grass Shack/Hukilau/Little Brown Gal
Eddie Bush has shown that the ukulele can be used as a solo instrument for presenting music from the classical, popular, opera and Broadway repertories. An ukulele virtuoso and recording artist who has been on the Hawaiian music scene for over thirty years. Eddie has toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, and has made national appearances on both the Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas televisions shows. Some of his local appearances includes the Hawaii Calls radio Broadcast, the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, and major hotels in Hawai'i. Eddie is listed in the "Who's Who" of Hawaiian entertainers.
Eddie Bush past away last year, 2002. He will always be remembered through this album.

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