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R.J. Kaneao
Track Listings
1. I Got Your Love
2. Tears I Cry
3. Love Me Now
4. Please Be Mine
5. Flipside
6. Reggae Love
7. Hawaii Calls To Me
8. Waipio
9. Love To Be Loved
10. Three Words
Born and raised in the quiet little country town of Honoka'a on the Big Island, R.J. took the stage at a very early age. As far back as 16 years ago, you could catch him doing what he loves to do most. Music has always played a major role in R.J.'s life. Starting from watching his cousins and brother-in-law who were heavily involved in the local music scene, R.J. became very interested in music and performing in general. He started his career in various lip-sync contests and then became interested in singing for real. He got his first recital singing live in church at a Christmas eve midnight mass. After that, his confidence grew and he began training his voice harder under the instruction of Mrs. Patricia Souza of neighboring town Pa'auilo.


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