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Press Play

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1. Rise Up
2. Sweet Island Breezy
3. Show Me
4. Let Me Know
5. Givin It All to You
6. Honey Do
7. Another Level
8. Gata'aga
9. No Memories
10. Be Your Man
11. Stay Irie
12. Sail On
13. War
14. You Baby
15. You Complete Me

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Nesian Nine (Native Inna New Era)/Press Play-HMV

The Band of brotherhood known as Nesian N.I.N.E. (Natives Inna New Era) started in 2008, consisting of 4 lead vocalists and 5 instrumentalists from O'ahu. Since their beginning, they've had a huge local following and have opened for the likes of Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu and KC and JoJo. Nesian (as in polynesian) N.I.N.E.'s talents and abilities are multifaceted giving each listener something they'll be sure to enjoy. From Bob Marley's reggae beats to Anthony Hamilton's melodic grooves, Nesian N.I.N.E. seems to satisfy each person's musical appetite.
Front Three:
* James "Ziggy" Maika
* Lauititi "LT" Togafau
* Jeremy"Kainoa" Salave'a

Band Members:
* Eddie "Eddie Licks" Lafaele (Guitar)
* Jr "StyXx" Lafaele (Drummer)
* Travis "Buja" Alcos (Keys)
* Amako "Mad Max" Malepeai (Bass)

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