Greatest Picks: Best of the Opihi Pickers - Opihi Pickers


Greatest Picks: Best of the Ophi Pickers

Greatest Picks: Best of the Ophi Pickers

  • アーティスト:Opihi Pickers
  • 出版社/メーカー:
  • 発売日: 2008/04/29
  • メディア: CD

Greatest Picks - Best of the Opihi Pickers -
1. Brighter Day (New Song)
2. Our Love Is Divine
3. Old Fashioned Touch
4. You're All I Need
5. Beautiful Ladies (Beautiful Girls)
6. When Eye Meets Eye
7. Victim
8. Let's Call It a Day
9. My Melody (I Love You)
10. Destiny
11. Love You Forever
12. Ever Since
13. Do You Think of Me
14. Love Is All
15. All for You
16. Solo Flight (New Song)
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The group is composed of vocalist and ukulele player Imua Garza, Imua's brother Hoku Garza (guitar), their cousins Kahale Morales (bass) Cody Yamaguchi (ukelele) and Kevin Okimoto (guitar and vocals). A local music treasure in Hawaii, the Opihi Pickers began as recording artists in 1998 while still young teens. They broke through to a wider audience in 2001 with the success of their hit song "Old Fashioned Touch".Opihi Pickers 関連商品
Together As OneOp VILegends of the Ukulele
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