Fresh Off The Rocks - Opihi Pickers

Fresh Off the Rocks
Opihi Pickers
Fresh Off the Rocks -
1. Koni Au I Ka Wai (Medley)
2. Noha Pai Pai (Rocking Chair Hula)
3. Daniel (Imua's 'Ukulele Ska)
4. That's The Way (Un-Huh) I Like It
5. Opihi Bamba
6. Lights (Honolulu)
7. Cry Don't U
8. Stars And Stripes Forever
9. Fifty States
10. Hot Fun On Hawaiian Time
11. Chasing The Chickens
12. At The Pool
13. Kolohe Mo'o (Slack-Key From Imua)
14. Na Ka Pueo
15. Fly Away (Opihi Pickers Theme/Live)
The group is composed of vocalist and ukulele player Imua Garza, Imua's brother Hoku Garza (guitar), their cousins Kahale Morales (bass) Cody Yamaguchi (ukelele) and Kevin Okimoto (guitar and vocals). A local music treasure in Hawaii, the Opihi Pickers began as recording artists in 1998 while still young teens. They broke through to a wider audience in 2001 with the success of their hit song "Old Fashioned Touch".
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