The Collection[BOX] - One Right Turn



  • アーティスト:One Right Turn
  • Onehawaii Music Llc
  • 発売日: 2008/10/14
  • メディア: CD

One Right Turn: Limited Edition Box Set - amazon.com視聴
1. Memory
2. Crazy
3. Lean on My Shoulder
4. Until I Come Home
5. So Many Reasons
6. Letter
7. Listen Now
8. Forget
9. Played Out
10. Let Me Love You
11. High and Low
12. Look Across the City
1. Fire Sparks
2. Forever Yours
3. It's Not Too Late
4. Changed Man
5. Know That I Am Here
6. Many Dreams
7. How She Loves Me
8. Looking for a Hand
9. Never Alone
10. Life's a Vapor
11. Your Love
12. It's Gonna Be Alright
1. Like I Do
2. Love Break Me
3. No Pain in Surrender
4. Superstition
5. Who's Fighting
6. Why Do I
7. Nothing Gonna Make You Mine
8. Seems So Wrong
9. Love Is Choice
10. No
11. Did It Hurt to Fall
12. Fairy Tale
1. Beloved
2. Not My Own
3. Joy in My Eyes
4. Freedom Rain
5. Love You More
6. My Hope Is Him
7. Take Me, Make Me
8. Restoration
9. Adonai
10. Place of Peace
11. Whisper Healing
12. There You Go
13. You Find Me
When the members of One Right Turn gathered to record their debut release, there was such a wealth of material their recording company decided on an unprecedented and bold move. Along with the impressive debut as a group, the label decided to release a solo recording from each member.

Collected in this box set are all three solo recordings along with the groups's debut Lean on My Shoulder.

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