Kaotica - Katana

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1. Woman's Worth [Explicit]
2. Aatb (All About The Butt) (Feat. Jd) - Explicit Version
3. Aatb (All About The Butt) (Feat. Jd) - Clean Version
4. Mamasan (feat. Kamuela Kahoano) [Explicit]
5. Black Widow [Explicit]
6. Strong Woman (feat. Lisa Barber and Kat Rosales)3:05$0.89
7. I'll Love You Forever (feat. Lisa Barber and Kamuela Kahoano) [Explicit]
8. Irony (feat. Kamuela Kahoano)
9. He Said She Said (feat. Kamuela Kahoano) [Explicit]
10. 14 (His Youth) (feat. Kamuela Kahoano)
11. Understand The Man [Explicit]
12. Ainoko (feat. Derilict and Half Breed Productions and Kamuela Kahoano)
13. Geisha Girl [Explicit]
14. Back On The Table (feat. Kamuela Kahoano) [Explicit]
15. Hawaiian Tearz - Bonus Track
Kaotica - Katana
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