Hawai`i Classic Series - Vol 2 - Hula - Nathan Aweau

Vol. 2-Hawaii Classic Series

Vol. 2-Hawaii Classic Series

  • アーティスト:Nathan Aweau
  • 出版社/メーカー:
  • 発売日: 2006/09/26
  • メディア: CD

The Hawaii Classic Series Volume II Hula - amazon.com
1. Pua Hone - Nate Aweau, Kamakahi, D.
2. Hi'ilawe - Nate Aweau,
3. Mahina O Hoku - Nate Aweau, Awa, L.
4. Na Ka Pueo - Nate Aweau, Kaea, S.
5. Wahine Ilikea - Nate Aweau, Kamakahi, D.
6. Uluwehi O Ke Kai - Nate Aweau, Kanaka'Ole, E.
7. Na Hala O Naue - Nate Aweau, Kahinu, J.
8. Green Rose Hula - Nate Aweau, Almeida, J.
9. Ikona - Nate Aweau, Kelepolo, G.
10.Pearly Shells (Püpü 'O Ewa) - Nate Aweau, Edwards, W.
11.My Little Grass Shack - Nate Aweau, Cogswell, B.

THE HAWAII CLASSIC SERIES Volume II Hula features the beautiful hula music of Hawaii. NATHAN AWEAU, Na Hoku Hanohano Male Vocalist Of The Year, found out from hula dancers what the most requested and popular songs they were asked to dance. From their recommendations, he created the song list heard on this album. Nathan has a rich musical background which includes a longtime association with Don Ho, TV commercials and shows, composing and arranging, several solo recordings, he also is one-half of the duo known as Hapa.
The Hawai'i Classic Series Vol.2 - Hula−TOWER
Nathan Aweau/Hawaii Classic Series: Vol.2 - Hula-HMV

1. プア・ホネ
2. ヒ・イラヴェ
3. マヒナ・オ・ホク
4. ナ・カ・プエオ
5. ワヒネ・イリケア
6. ウルヴェヒ・オ・ケ・カイ
7. ナ・ハラ・オ・ナウエ
8. グリーン・ローズ・フラ
9. イコナ
10. パーリー・シェルズ
11. マイ・リトル・グラス・シャック
Nathan Aweau/Hawaii Classic Series: Vol.2: Hula-HMV

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