Together - Na Waiho`olu`u O Ke Anuenue

Together -
Together -
Na Waiho`olu`u O Ke Anuenue
Track Listings
1. E Ho'ohui
2. More & More
3. I Wish It Would Rain
4. Share My World
5. I Need You
6. Just Hold On
7. The Greatest Man I Never Knew
8. Together
9. I Wanna Wake Up With You
10. Kaulana Na Pua featuring Sudden Rush
11. Why You featuring Fiji
12. Tahiti, Tahiti
13. You That I Want featuring B.E.T.


This has got to be one of my favourite cds out at the moment! Unless you are in Hawai'i, you might not have not heard of this group...yet. Get ready to add one more album to that cd collection.
Product Description
"Together" is a wonderfull combination of Hawaiian Style Reggae mixed with Urban grooves. Very smooth vocal deliveries make this an Island Treasure many people have grown to love in Hawai'i

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