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Track Listings
1. Rock Easy
2. Would You Want Me Around
3. Breaking My Heart
4. Let Your Hair Down
5. Love Song
6. Whisper
7. Fight Another Day
8. Tell Me
9. Sing Out Loud
10. Send You My Love
11. Minds At Ease
12. You In My Life

The boys from Maui are back with a brand new, all-original album entitled Rock Easy. It s been nearly two years since the release of Groovin, which continues to receive spins statewide with songs like, No One, Write Me a Letter and So Incredible. Their new album entices listeners with radio-ready tunes like Rock Easy and Whisper which are sure to be contemporary island favorites. Rock Easy contains ten new originals written and composed by lead singer/songwriter, Glenn Awong. Each of these tracks contain a unique mix of musical genres. Hubert Kaina (vocals/keyboards) and Corey Lum (vocals/guitar) both contribute their own musical flavor to the album. Special guest appearances from Shane Kahalehau, aka HHB, and Joseph Ramos, aka B.U.B.Z., spice up Maoli s tracks with interesting vocal hooks and raps. Maoli s recorded music translates well on stage as well and when you hear these guys at a show, you can clearly appreciate their song selections, musical arrangements, and live performance skills. Rock Easy is a must for island contemporary/reggae fans of all ages!
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