Led Live - Solo - Ledward Kaapana

Led Live Solo

Led Live Solo

  • アーティスト:Ledward Kaapana
  • 出版社/メーカー: Windham Hill Records
  • 発売日: 1994/09/27
  • メディア: CD

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1. Salomila (Instrumental)
2. Na Ka Pueo
3. He Aloha No 'O Honolulu (Instrumental)
4. Radio Hula (Instrumental)
5. Ku'u Ipo Onaona (Instrumental)
6. Ka'a Ahi Kahului
7. I Lili'u E (Instrumental)
8. Wee Ha Swing (Instrumental)
9. Glass Ball Slack Key (Instrumental)
10. 'Opihi Moemoe (Instrumental)
11. Mana Loa Slack Key (Instrumental)
12. Silver Strings (Instrumental)
13. Ki ho'alu (Instrumental)
14. Hi'ilawe
15. I Kona
16. Unknown

Kaapana is one of slack key's most rooted artists, but he has an adventurous streak as wide as the Big Island itself. Here, he's on his own--no accompanists, only four songs with vocals. The warmth and geniality he brings to the repartee of his live show is apparent also in his playing, beginning with the album-opening "Salomilla," which he plays sweetly and seductively. He also provides exceptionally strong bass work on songs like "Na Ka Pueo," improvises effortlessly on "Mauna Loa Slack Key," and turns in a fine ukulele track in "Glass Ball Slack Key."

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