Best Of Ekolu -`Ekolu

Best of Ekolu MP3
Best of MP3

1. Honestly [The DVD Version]
2. Back to the Valley
3. Just One Night
4. Ekolu Music
5. You Are My Sensation
6. Down in the Valley
7. What She Really Needs
8. Is This Love So True
9. Just Like That [The DVD Version]
10. Shores of Waiehu
11. It's the Way I Feel About You
12. Mistah Offisah
13. Critikal Liquid
14. Stuck on You
15. She's Music to Me
16. If I Was Your Man
17. Jah Say Me Love You
18. I Love You Girl
19. Come Back Home to God
The Best of Ekolu - Ekolu
Best Of Ekolu-TOWER
Ekolu/Best Of Ekolu-HMV

HULA Le’a REMIXアイランド・リズムス Vol.2アイランド・メロディーズ~スウィート・アンド・ピュア・カヴァーズ~H-POP Vol.1Island Roots, Vol. 6: Burnin' Mix

To the World From Ekolu(DVD)
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