Crossroads - Eric Lee

Crossroads: Special Edition (with Bonus Tracks) MP3
Crossroads [Special Edition] With Bonus Tracks - MP3

Eric Lee
1. Ku'i Ka Lono
2. He Mele Lei No Namakaalaokawena
3. I'll Never Find Another You
4. E Ho'olalelale Mai Nei
5. Sunrise [Instrumental]
6. Na Nalu Ha'i O Ma'ili
7. On The Shores Of Waikiki
8. Passing The Time Again
9. Falling For You
10. Crossroads [Instrumental]
11. Love Song Of Tahiti
12. If Only This Moment
13. Check My Heart At The Door

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Product Description
Crossroads showcases my music through a variety of spectrums. For many years, I've played both traditional Hawaiian music and Island contemporary music with respective bands. As a soloist, I have the chance to incorporate additional styles of music (ie. blues, rock, jazz, country). That, along with my songwriting, I bring that of which I am into one recording...a little of this, a little of that. It's not all of me, but it's a start for what I hope to be many more opportunities to do so. Special guests include: John Koko (Makaha Sons), upright bass on I'll Never Find Another You; Bruce Shimabukuro, 'ukulele duet w/ Eric on Na Nalu Ha'i O Ma'ili Also included: 3 bonus tracks previously unreleased, stretching the spectrum of Eric's music like never before!

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